Andres is a UX designer
who loves to craft a good experience.


Andres is a Valencia based MSc User Experience Designer with a background in marketing. He's worked on a variety of in-house brands ranging from small non-profits to large tech companies with ambitious goals. He has a unique talent for seeing the bigger picture and bringing a product to its full potential.

Each company Andres has worked for has carried a vital mission behind the work—ranging from art and startup incubation to education. He tries to keep that same ethos for doing good in his personal life as well. He firmly believes that design, empathy and providing solutions are a powerful medium to create change.

Andres is comfortable working on a range of projects from designing native apps to mixed reality experiences and e-commerce websites. Whether he's illustrating on paper or crafting prototypes on his laptop, Andres always brings a quality of work and creativity that is hard to match.

Outside of work, Andres finds inspiration through mindfulness, fitness, and travelling. His hunger and curiosity for life drive him to experience everything and document all that it has to offer. This thirst for life is evident in all of his work. Andres doesn't find a firm line between creativity, work, and play.